business casual dress code for teen girl?

The school I'm going to next year has a business casual dress code. I don't dress very classy at all, so I need help figuring out what to do. I mainly wear jeans and a tee-shirt/sweater. That is what everyone around here wears, and the dress code says no jeans. It also does not allow tee shirts, skirts above the thigh when seated, leggings, tight pants, anything with logos. I'm pretty sure I'll have to buy new clothes. What can I wear that I can find for cheap and is 'business casual'? If possible, please also give teenager oriented ideas, I don't want to look too professional; it is a school. Thanks!


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  • I think khaki pants, black dress pants, and long skirts/dresses for bottoms...
    a navy blazer with a khaki shirt is cute :)

    I would start with what you have in your closet and seeing how many "outfits" you can create and then go from there... slowly updating your wardrobe as time goes on (especially after you've been there and see what others wear... maybe you could survive until Labor Day and shop the labor day weekend sales).

    • This is pretty much my plan. ^ Try to blend in with the natives! :)

    • oh i meant khaki skirt with the navy blazer haha

    • thanks for MH!

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  • Maybe something like this?

  • what kind of school does business casual what the fuck? have you tried googling business casual?

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    • actually if I saw a girl dress with those pink pants though at a business casual I would total dig on that

    • Maybe European views on what counts as appropriate in business differ from American views. But I'd say that there should be no big contrast between the jacket and the pants (like in this case). They're both either dark or bright (like for men's suits). For "high-level" business then I'd say only dark blue and black are appropriate for the "outside". But the views can differ here I guess :D

  • If you don't want to look professional, then a school with precisely that requirement (nothing else "business casual" means) is probably the wrong place...
    I suggest quiet colours and low-contrast combinations. Keep skirts at an appropriate length (never show things as a rule of thumb). When wearing pants, always wear socks long enough to cover the parts that might be visible when you sit.

    This blog seems to have some useful suggestions:

    • I don't like to look professional, but the school is so awesome I'll overlook it. ;) Thank you for the website. I saw a lot of guidelines about business casual, but they seemed to vary. Is that site what you consider business casual?

    • Well, I'd be even more conservative, so better don't ask me ;)

    • yeah the pink just happened to be the color the model wore hahaha.

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  • Well when I went to a party with the same code I wore a black blazer a shirt with a sort of stripped pattern on an angle it was black and gray and shinny, black jeggings, and silver heels.

  • Well church or choir pants with a button down would work. You can find them anywhere and they don't cost too price as compared to business suits and stuff. Wearing pencil skirts may seem business friend but it looked down upon by interviewers, and teachers, some students for three reasons, they're to fancy to be casual, they can be fairly to short at different times (better safe then sorry) and people will think your trying to hard because they can be expensive, its like wearing a dress everyday to school, it make you seem like your trying to hard to get others to notice you. Another good tip would be belts , a belt can make any pants that don't seem formal or business seem that way. Black or white are colors you want to have also. And in the winter plain colored sweaters work as well especially turtle neck or short to no sleaves.

    • I have a bunch of button down shirts, but some of them are a little sheer. Do you think I could still wear them if I wore another shirt underneath? And what about a dark (not flannel) plaid shirt? Also, I'm not religious, so I don't get the church/choir pants reference.

  • i never understood that "business casual" thing, it all depends on what business we are talking about!!

    • I know right? The suggestions are a lot more dressy than I expected, I was think more along the lines of khaki and stuff like that. But the school didn't really give me pictures or anything. :S

    • i work on boats for a living so my business attire is pretty much swim trunks, tshirts and boat/deck shoes lol :P

      they are giving you way too vague a description of their dress code, in my opinion...

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