Can someone tell me how contacts work?

What if u have bad eyesight can u still get contacts? How much do they cost? Do I go and buy some from walmart?
i don't mean how they work but to get stone


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  • Go to an optician, they will test you and make up a prescription and then order you in some lenses.

    Lenses work the same as glasses, the difference being that you rest them on your eye and that (if you use monthly lenses) you have to rinse them after each usage with a special cleaning fluid.

    The optician will explain this all to you if you ask.

    I have very poor eyesight and i have contacts. can't reccomend them more


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  • you need to get it checked at an optician. There are different lenses for different problems with eye sight. Be sure to consult an optician and they will recommend the right one for you. Once you have a prescription you could even order them off amazon.


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