Will I look like an idiot if I ask her out?

-We both went to the same high school (I never talked to her during High school)

-Me and her go to the same school (college)

-Were both taking the same program

-Shes second semester I'm first semester

-I barely see her now since she's at her clinical

-When I do see her, we talk every single time..and I see her smiling and semi-flirting with me

-I added her on Facebook 2 months ago, and she deleted me for whatever reason (I don't know why)

-She broke up with her boyfriend (I think) ..since her boyfriends status changed from "In a relationship" to "Single"

-I don't want to ruin my friendship with her if I ask her out for lunch or coffee..which may give her the wrong impression...

-I'm asian she's latina...

-were both 18

I find her very attractive.. and smart... just wish she'd show me more signs that she's into me...and is over her current "ex" boyfriend...

any thoughts?

Oh btw, I might have creeped her out by adding her on FB...before I even started talking to her. ...asking her about the program...Perhaps she was creeped by the fact taht I looked her name up?Oh well, I don't even think she cares about it..
Since whenever I see her she has a huge smile on her face.


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  • Oh wow..this is almost identical to my situation:

    -my crush and I went to the same high school although we never talked (he was in the year above me)

    -we're both now in uni, but different unis

    -he's a 2nd year and I'm a first year

    -when I see him (we work together), he's always starting up conversations and smiling

    -same as your situation in regards to Facebook (minus the deleting part)

    -he broke up with his girlfriend about a month or two ago

    -I'm asian and he's caucasian

    hahah wow.

    But I'm the girl, so I'm waiting for HIM to make the first move.

    TIP: girls really REALLY appreciate it when the guy makes the first move.

    I would say, go for it; ask her out for a lunch or coffee..it's casual and NOT obvious. Just a friendly gesture. However, the only problem I found was with the Facebook deleting part...I'm wondering if that was somehow an accident, malfunction on the system's behalf or whether she secretly knows you're interested in her and then deleted you for that reason:s Not sure...

    • I have no idea...but she seems to only have 9 mutual friends with me...so that can explain why I guess?....

      She may only keep her closest friends on there or osmething...but I won't let FB phase me lol.

      In regards to the girl I like, I really really do want to ask her out but I'm still a little bit iffy about the whole boyfriend thing... I mean you can never trust Facebook and waht it says on there. For all I know they're still going at it..... She doesn't have any pictures of them up on her page

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  • Asking someone out can always make a person nervous. But just asking her to lunch isn't really a big deal and shouldn't upset her at all. I'm not real sure why she would delete you on Facebook. That makes me wonder. But still never the less you should just go for. Even if she says no that isn't something that would ruin your friendship in any way. And if she says yes mabye while you're out you can casually bring up the situation about her ex. Things should go smoothly, just a casual thing. Good luck!

    • It isn't a big deal sure, but I haven't had a girlfriend for almost 3 years now...last time I asked a girl out to do something (movies) was last year...and that didn't work out so well...even though I knew the girl ever since I was a child.

      But yeah...I gotta find the right time to ask her since I barely ever see her =(

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