What is up with him?

So their is this guy we have the same group of friend. We used to be cool back when we were in high school. But last year I I told him I had a crush on him. Ever since it been a little weird. When we all go out he looks at me and I feel he want to talk. Some time when we out in the club and I know he is going to be their I try to look sexy. The last time it has work because my friends tell me he looks at me but he don't say anything. And while back when I dint go out with my friends he would ask about me. But what sucks is that am shy and don't know how to approach him or flirt!something inside of me tells me he has some what of feelings for me but am not sure maybe m wrong Any advice !.


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  • to me it sounds like he is also shy (I to am shy, but becoming more open :) ) ... if he's asking about you when your not there, he's sneaking glances at you..

    if you want to know for sure, and your not one to follow the whole guy should ask a girl out first rule, try inviting him out for lunch or a movie!

    but since you are shy, this will be a hard move... and if you do do it, just remember the worst he says is no, and then you can move on... its going to suck, but that feeling will go away. but if he says yea... it will be worth it!


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