Girls! Why do you mostly wear colorful clothing during the Summer?

I've noticed that people in general (but women mostly - maybe because I usually notice women's clothing more) wear brighter colors during the Summer, while Winter is completely colorless clothing and makeup wise.

Is this because of the fashion industry - putting out more colors during the Summer months, while sticking to blacks and navy colors during the Winter?

Or is it the mood you're in during that time?


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  • I think a lot of it is fashion-dictated where the norm is dark, muted colors that go with the fall colors of orange, red, gold leaves and the red/green combo of Christmas.

    But then, I have also noticed that people who live in Mediterranean, tropical climates tend to bright colors. Maybe it's because they have a year-round display of colors due to the flowers, the sea, etc and this somehow influences them.

    Maybe along with the conscious fashion dictate, there is a subconscious factor where we respond to the colors in the environment.


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  • i wear bright colors in the winter and dull colors in the summer lol. i fucking hate the summer :p

    but if you look at the clothing options in stores in the summer... it's definitely a color-explosion.

    • True...
      I hate Summer as well, but dark colors during the summer make it even hotter... it's like hell on a whole another level. O. o

    • lmfao, i know. dark colors absoooorb all of that dastardly heat! but i just don't like wearing bright clothing in general... i don't like to stand out lol. in the winter, i still wear dark clothing, but my accessories are really bright. like gloves, hats, scarves. super bright and colorful.

  • I guess because darker clothes calls in for more heat in the Summer. Lighter clothing reflect the rays.

  • It's both reasons.


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