Is it weird that I don't own jewelry?

Just how uncommon is it for a girl not to own any jewelry? I have never had jewelry at any point in my life.

Guys, do you like jewelry on girls?


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  • I'm busy looking at a girls face and body and don't care about her jewelry. sometimes I'm amazed at the dumb shit girls are sold to make them feel pretty that guys don't care about like jewelry, perfume and nail polish.

    Jewelry doesn't make a girl more attractive except in her own mind.

    • Well it was a guy that even made me ask this. He noticed I didn't have pierced ears, and asked if I wear other jewelry. I of course said no and he said I'm the only girl he knows that doesn't wear jewelry.

    • then he's paying attention to the wrong things. maybe he's gay.

      I bet if you showed pictures of girls to guys then quizzed them later and ask if they were wearing jewelry or not, most would say they don't know unless it was really wild obvious jewelery.

    • He's definitely not gay but he seemed to notice that about me. I'm kinda scared he notices other details about me.

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  • I don't own any jewellery, I have a pair of solitaire earrings and a ring band but only wear them for interviews. Jewellery is overrated (just my opinion)
    It totally depends on personal choices, I don't like it and my sister just loves them.
    Anyways I don't care about them though I just love shoes, I sort of have a fetish for shoes... :p

    • Yeah jewelry is one of the last things I think about wanting. Even if I had a disposable income I'd blow my money on shoes, electronics, and food.

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  • Jewelry is over rated. I really do not care if she does. I don't mind smaller items, but huge earrings or any sort of large jewelry items are not attractive to me.

    • Does it enhance a cute girl's appearance in any way if she were wearing some little shiny stud earrings?

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    • Then what about jewelry that doesn't require piercings like rings and necklaces?

    • I do not notice rings, don;t care for huge honky rings. Necklaces are a nice touch when perfecting an outfit.

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  • No its not. I don't like wearing any jewelry. I have my ears pierced but i don't wear earrings.


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