Girls, how important are clothes on a guy?

What's up, peeps? So a friend of mine told me today that a group of her female friends would find me a lot more attractive (or they still do to some degree) if I wore more casual clothes.

The question here is, what's actually casual? Since there's a a lot of difference of opinions in each and every social circle, I find that argument/request a bit redundant. Why? Well, if you find someone attractive, how does what someone wears matter? He'll/she'll look the same with different shirt on. If you want to get physical, clothes don't matter even more because you'll get naked.

To get you a detailed scenario, she and apparently her female friends don't like that I have earrings on both ears and that I wear slim fit shirts which frequently expose the shapes of muscle. From my point of view, that's casual because I like it and I feel good in it. So the final question would be - if you find me physically attractive, why does it matter what I wear (humor me, even if I look so damn good in it too)?

Thanks for reply, guys.


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  • Very important.
    Maybe it's untrue for you but let's say you are meeting up with a very attractive girl. She wears something frumpy and tacky. You'll be turned off by that but at the end of the day you'll probably still think she's hot.(maybe just very slightly less now)

    People look different in different clothes. A fit guy would probably look better in a tank or plain tee than he would in a baggy crewneck sweater. A flat chested petite girl would look better in a flowy dainty dress vs a tight v neck dress. Same logic with guys.

    What casual means to me is to not try too hard with your clothes. Slim shirts sound too try hard for me. Try shirts that aren't so tight. But if you're getting the girls you want do what you like right?

    • I guess I'm very thorough that way. I'd still see that a girl is hot no matter what the clothes on her. I usually don't care what she has on her, as long as it's not conflicting with my "subculture". (I wouldn't find a, let's say, goth girl attractive)

      With that logic, the reasoning should be in my favor, which it isn't.

      I'm not really trying too hard. I just think it looks good on me, maybe too good. But then again, it's a douchebaggy look anyway, so some chicks are bound to assume my personality because of it. I did try regular fit shirts, I just don't like sleeves dancing around my hands. Yeah, of course. Thanks for commenting.

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  • Clothes do make a difference.

    About 4 years ago an elderly lady was robbed at a small plaza near me. About 45 min. later I was at this plaza to get some groceries. I' walking into the store and I notice 2 cops, 1 male the other female talking to the victim. I was dressed casual.. How I like. Camo army pants, combat boots, Iron Maiden t-shirt my long black leather jacket and a doo rag that matches the pants.

    Anyhoo. As I'm leaving the store the two cops start questioning me about the robbery. The female was being... lets just say a knob. After about 15 minutes of questioning and me denying any knowledge which was true. They have my info and let me go. As I'm leaving the female officer says "You should just admit it. 'Cause we will be back." I just kept walking.

    About a month later. This time I'm in a suit, I see these two cops again. We just start chatting. As we're talking the female makes a couple of flirtatious comments. I just smile. A few minutes later I ask them, particularly her, if they recognize me. neither do. So I remind them of what happened a month ago. The female officers eyes got really big and the colour drained from her face. You know why? Because we're standing in the police station where the three of us work.

    Obviously this is an extreme story. But it goes to prove that clothes do make a difference.

    • Informative story, but I have mixed feelings about it since it points out the distinction between the clothing styles, not attraction. I'm sure you'd be attractive to girls in the same subculture (chicks who dig Iron Maiden and dress accordingly). I just don't understand why because how you look is the deciding factor, not what you wear. Or at least it should be, logically.

    • The cops profiled me because of how I was dressed.

      People who aren't cops do the same thing. Men and women.
      11pm you stop at a light. Standing on the corner is an attractive woman. She's wearing a black leather bodice top. A very short leather skirt. Fishnet stockings and shoes with a 5 inch heel.

      What's the first thought to go through a lot of guy's mind? Hooker.

      Turns out, that's just the uniform the waitress's at the strip club have to wear. She doesn't like it. But she does what she has to to support herself and her child.

      It's the same when women see you. When they first see you, they don't see YOU. They see an image of someone, from a preconceived notion. You're profiled.

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  • A big zero.
    As long as he doesn't wear pink suit in a funeral I am cool with him.

  • Clothes are a bigger deal than you think. I personally would overlook a guy if I didn't like the way he dressed. I'm not super picky, but there are some styles that are simply unattractive in my eyes.

    • I assume you're not talking about extreme cases, like a guy in all black, gothic stuff. Do things like earrings, fit shirts turn you off?

  • As long as you don't wear a shit load of jewelry and Ed Hardy graphic t-shirts it's cool with me

  • very important. if I don't like a guy style I over look him

    • But why is it so important? You're not attracted to his clothes, you're attracted to his face/body/charisma/whatever.

    • Do u like ma stylez?

  • Not important compared to other things. Although I am turned on by guys that dress nice.

  • Guys need to dress appropriately. Either for work or casual. I appreciate when a guy has their own style that fits their personality.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. I just don't think that the simplest thing like a fit or regular shirt makes that much a difference on a hot guy or girl.

    • Definitely.

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  • Clothes makes a HUGE difference on u! It improves ur appearance and what not. Juz lookmat some colorful animqls these days. When we saw something so colorful and vibrant, our first reaction would be "Woah! Thats so beautiful/perrty". It makes u look nicer so its good to try on different clothes and stylez.

    • I sure did that. Tried a bunch of stuff. Fit clothes are best for my physique. Thanks for commenting.

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