Anyone wanna help me with a new hairstyle?

So as you can see. My hair is a complete mess. This is my attempt at makin it somewhat straight (but it's a total fail) my partner really wants me to grow it out, but I just want to chop it off! Anyone know of some cool new things that I can do to it, so it doesn't look like this pathetic pile of shit?
I think I should clarify here. I really like my curly hair, and when I let it air dry, I have the best curls. I was trying to ask for good hair styles mainly, or like a new way to cut my bangs to fit my face. I usually just throw my hair up in a bun


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  • For an easy option to tame the hair, you could try braiding it at night and take it out in the morning so that your hair does not rub against your bed/pillow and thus retain shine whilst giving you frizz free waves. Moisturize, do a weekly deep conditioning regime if you don't already. Try thinning out the hair next time you get a cut, I would advise against layers because it'd only look frizzier. Unfortunately cutting shorter would increase the poofiness -- or you could go total badass and get a little fro action going on.

    • It's probably no help but this picture was taken right after I took my hair out of a pony tail, so it's extra poofy. When I wash and condition my hair and let it air dry. It looks great for a few days. Sadly, getting it cut short isn't an option. As long as my bf keeps his beard, I can't shave ny head

    • Lol! I would definitely say invest in a hairstylist who knows how to deal with your hair type even if just this once, they can give you lots of pro tips on how to manage it daily and give you a shape you're happy with. My hair has gone from tight curls to frizzball to a now more manageable wavy, but I'm afraid I've forgotten what I did to my hair during #the struggle

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  • Your hair looks fine to me.
    But what the he££ do I know?
    Demi Moore's buzz cut in G. I. Jane made my liver quiver.

    • I've shaved my head 4 times and had a Mohawk twice in my life, along with every color of the rainbow. Lol so this whole "normal hair" is throwing me off.

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  • Just use anti friz stuff like I use the tresume keritin smooth or what ever it's called I'm bad at spelling. But I use the heat spray and the serum in that line. My hairs straight naturally so I don't notice much of a different but I'm sure you would and also use a good straightener and it should help. What about braiding your hair while it's wet? That would tame it up quickly.. Or you can just get it professionally straightened.

    • Well I like my curly hair when I air dry it, I just don't dig this over grown bowl cut look that I have going on

  • Your hair is not pathetic! You have a beautiful face by the way :)

    Anyway... your hair is just a little frizzy that's all, it's quite thick, a lot like mine. So I understand the desire sometimes to just have off with it. Cutting your hair short will actually make it look and feel thicker and more frizzy. I think straight hair is often a little bland and given that your face shape is a little long I would have thought a natural wave or some curls would look lovely on you. Get yourself some good curling tongs and/or straighteners and a good heat protector (Redken smooth lock heat glide is great because it's a thick serum - it protects your hair from the heat but also tames it and stops any frizz). You could even just put your hair into a high ponytail and curl the ponytail with the tongs if you don't like having your hair down, I don't sometimes because of how thick mine is :)

  • I would dye them lighter, like some honey brown/blonde.

    And if you have the money you can get a brazilian keratin hair treatment so your hair is straight and shiny.

  • Why don`t you get a Keratin Treatment and a trim? It does not look bad at all but if you want to tame it that would do the job!


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