Outfit of the day. What you think?

Wore this today.


Was kind of bored so I figured I'd post and ask what people thought. Just curious. :) There are 2 pics, front and back.

Belt and shirt are AE, jeans are Diesel and shoes are Adidas.
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More comments please. Easy points too.
I cleaned the room a few hours after this pic, btw.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I love it when guys wear simple outfits like that. I 'specially like those jeans. Your shoes are alright... I've never been much of a fan of Adidas. I like Nike or Under Armour shoes. Your shirt is plain but I guess it makes me notice your jeans more. Maybe try a graphic t-shirt? Affliction has nice t-shirts but they are kinda expensive.. Rue 21 also has good shirts to.
    (My brother has me help him find clothes a lot)

    • Why thank you. I've been looking around for new shirts but I'm pretty picky about them. (the way they fit, feel and look) I used to wear graphic Ts but started getting crap about them because of my age. Maybe a more subtle graphic T?

    • Hmm.. I don't know how much you are willing to spend on clothes but the store Buckle has good quality clothes.

    • Thanks.
      Those jeans in the pick were $195 brand new. Haha. I don't normally spend THAT much typically though.

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  • The most uninteresting outfit I've ever seen...
    Meaning - nothing special. Mediocre.

  • It'd be cute with some Tom's or something comparable!

  • Basic. Meh.

  • it's nice "rugged" casual look. :)


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