We all sort of know them, but what defines a "hipster"?

First of all, I'm no hipster myself (typical hipster denial, I know) and I know they're already getting a bit outdated, but what really classifies a hipster?

The ironic thing is that original hipsters were people who didn't want to be classifiable as a specific kind of stereotype, but as unique and somewhat pre-trendy individualists (pretty much like how almost any other subculture started, but whatever...), yet we all know that principle kind of crumbled since the whole hipster-hype began, ironically turning hipsters into a new subculture with it's own unwritten type of clothing, music and such.

Often when I hear people talk about hipsters, they talk about people with preferably an out of bed look, facial hair, thick rimmed glasses and their distinct funky clothing. Then again, having a specific kind of style conflicts with the hipster's rule, doesn't it?

So what or who do you think about when you think about hipsters? Are there any people outside of the famous subculture, who would really classify as hipster?


... thinking of it, I could say my sister is kind of a real hipster for some years now. I always thought she was a hippy, but that was never a good description: she's hasn't really that flower power vibe and she's also a bit too materialistic to be one. She occasionally wears loose, gipsy like clothing, yet she also wore dreadlocks for about a year and piercings all over her ear... but she's is definitely no rasta. She's also very much into accordion and celtic music. As you can see, she's definitely unclassifiable as a distinct stereotype.


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  • Hipsters are often elitist and arrogant. They identify with prestige as much as quality. They're the type of people who will buy a $100 retro t-shirt to look cool, yet rail on fashion as trivial waste. They will turn their back on their favorite band if they become commercially successful. They'll watch a documentary and insist they are the authority on a topic.

    But genuine hip people often mingle at the edges of hipster nation.


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  • I would now define a hipster as someone who always jumps aboard the current trend. And then abandons a trend when it hits critical mass.


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  • Hipster is someone who doesn't give a shit what society dictates. Being open minded and accepting of change because truly that is how the world evolves. Obviously not accepting all change is human nature, but at least a hipster will hear you out and agree to disagree. I consider myself somewhat of a hipster because I make my own mind up when it comes to how I live my life.


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