Bad guy - good guy- bad guy? confusing but just hear me out

So I used to be a "bad guy" I guess.. I was really into selling drugs, drinking, smoking, and just partying.. even though I couldn't dance for crap.. when I was drunk I didn't care.. I didn't care about girls back then.. I kind of grew out of it I guess... than I started to kind of liking girls.. but every girl I fell for.. just wanted gifts and stuff.. eventually I noticed some girls just use you.. I met another girl.. she was different.. we talked a lot, hung out, etc.. I got rejected by her.. but I noticed what kind of guy I've become.. I'm a typical nice guy now I guess.. telling girls they are beautiful, kind of kissing their ass? anyways.. I'm not into partying anymore..but I think that puts me off as lame.. so a lame good guy.. so do I have to force myself back into the party scene.. and just start giving no respect to women? I mean I see guys that call girls bitches and such and they end up hooking up.. so do I just have to be an asshole?


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  • Ha. ur like me.

    Although kudos for you being more "Manly" than I because I never did sell drugs. That put you a notch higher than me you junkie lol. I did rugby.

    Anyway. I used to think the whole bad guy thing was cool, and then being a good guy became cool, but now I realize these categories don't really matter. What you might want to be is a nice person and WHEN I mean nice, I don't mean be a pansy, be a person who doesn't harm others unnecessarily. BUT you should also note, that whilst you're nice, you should also make sure people don't think you are a pansy, you should be like;

    "me, I'm the kind of guy who can be a monster, but I choose not to be. I am tough and look tough and can bring it (to borrow a catch-phrase) but I don't."

    Do you get what I am saying?

    As for meeting women, it depends what sort of "parties." Most people your age are into head-banging flashing lights smoky room nonsense, whereby you don't meet anyone of substance or quality. Same thing even if you go a little upscale to jazz clubs, I met a lot of youngster wannabe's who think themselves cool and upscale, even though they are still 2nd/3rd rate.

    My sort of parties now are cool parties, where you scout out a cool location, steal a table, get a yute or borrow one, get the girls to cook, invite MINIMAL people (No mass morons) and only invite special people and keep it small. I.e. camp-fire over a cliff, or beach party in a deserted area. OR trespassing over some cool old building to "party". No masses or people.period.

    You don't have to be an asshole to get laid.

    But the vibe you give off can affect you in a few areas:

    1. Whether you even get laid or not

    2. WHO you get laid with

    3. Whether your relationships last (Based on who you meet or have a higher propensity to meet).

    Birds of a feather flock together or something right?

    So it's up to you based on what you want or who you want and how you should behave and what sort of person you should be.

    cheers mate.

    Btw. can you score me some weed?

    • Haha I'm done with drug dealing.. got busted a couple years back..i feel you though kind of.. don't change who I am, just change the perspective I give