Do you believe we are approaching "male dress shirt" saturation?

When going out with friends, it's a given that you must dress to impress and there's no better way to do it right now than with a classic button up dress shirt.

After looking at my wardrobe, I've come to the realization that dress shirts out number my t-shirts roughly 4:1. I have so many dress shirts that it would take an entire day to wash and iron them or cost a fortune to dry clean. Why? Because I dress to impress.

I'm also dangerously undiversified, which breaks the number one rule of savvy investing. So now it's time to adjust the sails in anticipation of the next pop culture phenomenon that sways male fashion in a whole new direction.

Or, maybe I'm set for life and the dress shirt look is timeless like a suit and tie. I'm no expert so what do you think?

Are dress shirts about to hit the skids?


Most Helpful Girl

  • looking good never goes out of style. forget trends. wear whatever looks good on you that you feel comfortable in.

    i always appreciate a guy who makes an effort to look his best. :)


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What Girls Said 2

  • Dress shirts will always be classy.
    You might want to diversify by purchasing a zebra-print sweater vest though.

    • Something tells me you have a "vested" interest in zebra prints :P

    • Yes. Such irreligious vestments are aesthetically pleasing to me.

    • OK THEN. :B

  • Every guy looks WAY better in a dress shirt. Don't worry about it.


What Guys Said 3

  • I had that problem too. Then I re-upped and bought a fucking rainbow of polos. I later realized I only wear darks. Sigh. Free polos for all!

    I think you'll find as you get older that if you want younger girls you should dress down. Dressing up gets you the older crowd.

  • LOL!!! I think you are way over analyzing this. I'm ok just as long as none of the clothes I'm wearing are not wore out. I also wear what's comfortable, no matter what people say.

    • That's what happens when one has no life. but thanks.

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    • Lol, not you.

    • Ok, but then if people comment in person about your clothes or whatever, it's better than no one commenting about them because then like myself, you are actually on your computer on GAG instead of somewhere doing something.

  • You clearly dress better than I do because my t-shirts to dress shirts ratio is like 20:1.

    • Same here.

    • The crazy ratio is due to a combination of not buying t-shirts for 3-4 years and getting rid of all the remotely juvenile ones by the bag full. Most guys are 10-20:1 like you and they look fine. It's me that has to compensate.

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