Is there a way to get my lower body to match my upper body?

I have nice size breasts and in my upper body things are nice and curvy but my legs are sticks and I've got no butt whatsoever. Anything I can do to put some meat and some curve onto my lower half to get it to match the upper?


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  • You can start by not worrying about it so much, because if you have nice boobs and your legs are thin, that means you probably have a really bangin hot body, regardless of what your booty looks like.

    To make your booty bigger you gotta either get more fat or more muscle on it, so either gain weight, work your ass out, or both.

    • Not thin, I mean like sticks. I've been told I look like a recovering crack addict because of how thin my legs are. they are almost as thin as my arms.

    • If you're looking all ethiopian refugee style emaciated then yeah you need to gain weight

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  • this is just something I was told cause I had the same thing at one point. I still kind of have it, but not as much.

    Eat protein and carbs.

    You could end up with flab when you want muscle (I think?)

    I don't mean go to the gym, if you don't want to, but just take the stairs instead of the elevator and if the place you're headed is close enough, then walk there.

    Also do squats, but make sure you do lots of walking and running.

  • Not really, it is all in your genes. You sound like you are an apple shape, you just need to wear clothes that flatter your body type.

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