Guys, what color *pops* on a girl?

that you'd instantly be attracted to?


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  • ive read somewhere that the colors men are attracted to on women all depends on the woman's skin color...eye color...etc...

    for example if ur brunette with light brown eyes, fair/medium skin like me...the colors that suit me best (and I get loads of compliments and attention from men when I wear these colors..) are bold red...plum...dark blue...teal...maroon...those shades really bring out my eyes and hair color...and everything looks well balanced...i don't feel pretty when I wear absolutely bright colors, like girly bubblegum pink or not a fan of super bright shades at all

    in comparison if you have light eyes and blonde-ish hair...bright and super bright colors suit you yellow,, etc...

    black and white colors look good on everyone though! grey too!


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  • There is no color that I am "instantly" attracted to, no matter what.

    I don't think clothing color is really even remotely important.

  • Pink and carolina blue (light or sky blue).

  • pink, yellow and light purple

    they are unique and they just catch my eye


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