What one should I choose to do?

I want to be a makeup and nail artist. The thing is it would be to expensive and time consuming to go to school for makeup and then go to school again for nails. What one should i do.
Is there a program where i can learn to do both at once?


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  • There's cosmetology school, except they do everything make up, nails, and hair. If you get your cosmetology license it allows you to do everything. Not sure of you would want to do hair as well.

    • if i were to finish cosmetology school. It doesn't mean i have to do hair right? I can just stick to makeup and nails :)

    • Yup, you can do that. But cosmetology school concentrates a lot on hair so you might want to find a school that actually takes they're time teaching you nails and make up. Cosmetology also teaches you facials, pedicures, manicures, hair, a little bit of make up and nails. So it's up to you to keep practicing so you can get better at it.

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  • Do make up. Nail Artists have to smell toxins while they are furnishing other people's nails and it is very bad for your health.


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