How to know if a burgany hair color looks good on you?

I'm full white, Not mixed with anything, I have like medium skin color, hair that goes to my butt, blue, Greyish eyes?


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  • You could go to a taaz. com and try their hair color thing, you could see how it looks before you do it. But i don't know, you sound like you can rock lighter hair better.


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  • Go on paint on your computer and fix a picture if you. I don't see what hair length and eye color has anything to do with hair color.

    • I looked online before this, and a lot of people I've asked asked me, and it got anoying, So I just put that in their.

    • There***
      The way I see it is if you wanna do it just do it. If you absolutely hate it then you go back.

    • Certain eye colors look better with certain hair colors. Because I prefer redheads (even though redheads actually usually wind up going brunette, naturally), they usually have green eyes (another one of my preferences). The length wouldn't affect it, though I prefer mid back length, butt is too long and shoulder and above is too boyish (unattractive)

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