How can I shrink jeans that have become too big for my liking?

I have tried washing them and putting them in the dryer to dry them. Has not really made a difference. I then heard you should never put jeans in the wasing machine because it recks them. Any ideas?


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  • Jeans? You cannot. Give up on those jeans and/or wear a good belt.

    Someone who has only ever lost weight, and owns jeans in 3 different sizes (and remains in denial thus still hasn't bought a fourth sizeā€”but used some undershorts for summer and got some good belts; and doesn't care about a flat-looking butt.)

    • Do you girls often buy jeans and end up disapointed in them?

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    • Um yeah you did sound judgemental... :(. I think I choose nice jeans but am not quite shure what girls think. I think I have good style amd knows what works together more than a lot of guys. I like to look nice and smell good but I do think the difference is more women put importance on how they dress than guys do so that is why it seems more easy for you but in general I feel I am quite good just want a girls opinion I can trust.

    • I really do not see why it was neccessary for you to tell me that you do not see why it is so hard to be certian if jeans are good or not. I am just asking for non judemental advice and juding me is excatly what you were doing. It really was not necessary!!!

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  • Do you have a sewing machine? You could sew along the inner seam (like the part between the legs) to make them smaller. I've made skinny jeans that way and they look OK. It doesn't do anything to the waist though :)

    • Yeah we have a sewing machine in our house. Thanks for the advice.

  • That's kind of a myth. I always put my favorite pair of jeans in the dryer after washing and never had anything happen. Just wanted to debunk that.

    Otherwise, I have no idea how you can shrink a pair of blue jeans. I've never had to. Sorry I can't be more help.

    • Mmm. Yeah I was told it was the washing machine that does the damage and I need to either just spot clean and to really clean put them in the freezer.

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    • AG Adriano Goldschmied angel coot cut denim jeans. They were originally $86 but I got them on a blowout sale xD

    • Jeans are so hot on girls lol espically the tight ones lol.

  • Clothes don't shrink uniformly. So even if you did manage to get them to shrink they would probably be lopsided.


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