Do you girls think about your personality is been defined your bra and thier straps?

Girls do share tour opinions about this issue.. as each girl in this world loves to wear the bra.. and she has never thougjt how the bra defines her personality..


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  • No I dont think it defines my personality. Although a sexier lingerie can make me feel more confident and adventurous. It is the same with regular clothing (the sexier the outfit, the more comfortable you will feel in your skin).

    • You r absolutely right but yes the vra always defines your personality.. u can check it out..

    • Ok. I will. Thanks for the insight. It's good to learn new stuff ;)

    • Always m. ready to tell u all about the bew stuff for that u need to tell me about your inners..

  • No, I don't think so. I think it has to do more with what each girl's outfit actually is when they go out, I don't know that might be more accurate.

    • See all clothes do tell.. as inner garments are been selected by using mind and for body.. u wear... and actually girls wearing their undergarments their personality can b judged.

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    • ok... u like thongs.. mostly short one.. only covering the area or making hips covered also.

    • Ok.. so u have a nature of not letting anyone to peep into ur life as well as u r always worry about your problems but u don't want any one to interfear in it.. u have a bold personality.. according to it..

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