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My guy friend and I were having a conversation, I am currently looking for a job while he still has one year left in college. I have an interview in the area and told him about it but he wasn't very excited because he said that he never saw me when I was in the area anyways. I assured him that we would def. hang out more often. He then said that he had been wanting to hang out with me for a while and that I never really got an idea of what I mean to him. I was surprised by this and said that I never thought he was interested. So after talking a little bit more he was like well you tell me what you want and I said I didn't know what to say. Since then we haven't really talked. So I asked him if we were going to talk about it of just have it be awkward. He was like no it won't be awkward. But we still haven't talked at all. And its been almost a week since the conversation...


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  • I've been in that situation...

    What he's looking for is for you to either say you want to try and make something of the 2 of you, or you want to remain as friends.

    Clearly he likes you, and he just wants something to happen with you.

    In all honesty, it doesn't seem you have interest in him like that.

    This whole thing is riding on what you want out of this situation with him.

    What he means by it not being akward is that even if you don't want to make something of him liking you, then things will resume the way it always has.

    Or even if things don't work out, that it won't get weird.

    So just do what feel natural.

    If you just want to hang out and see where it goes, let him know that.

    If you don't see anything happening... let him know.

    You need to say something though...

    I hope that helped...


    A Loving Black Man

    P.S: one thing I've always found unattractive is a female that doesn't know what she wants...

    no guy likes that...


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