Do girls like it when boys wear long-ish socks?

My favourite kind of socks to wear are usually about shin-high socks, which isn't that noticeable around colder seasons, but come summer, it's quite apparent when compared to shorter socks that other people wear.

Also, I was at an event, and I ended up seeing the girl I'm interested in, and she said "I like your socks, because I like things that are longer than usual". Also, some random girl said "Those are some long socks" when she walked by me. Now I don't think these socks are that long, again, they're about shin height and not even halfway to my knee. With the shoes I was wearing it had to be pretty apparent tho.

I've had my mother say to me that I shouldn't wear those socks around summer, but she isn't from the same generation as girls closer to my age, so what she likes may not be the same as what girls around my age like. Or maybe these girls don't like it and are subtly teasing me about it?

So, girls, yay or nay? Or is it not that big of a deal for you?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • To be honest socks are socks, I think out of all the clothes guys wear that is one thing which would not affect my decisions with him :) But I suppose long socks do seem slightly weird... unless they have a ultra-cool pattern on them like little squids or something :P


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What Girls Said 2

  • Nothing longer than the nike crew basketball socks. If they're pulled up to your shins they look goofy. Keep them below calves. Just being honest.

  • Not really lol... sorry


What Guys Said 1

  • Imho soccer socks are very manly and can look cool on guy.


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