Cute make up ideas for blue eyes and pale skin?

What are some great makeup tips for blue eyes and pale skin? Does black eyeliner look hot and sexy with blue eyes or does it make you look like a raccoon?


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  • Raccoon unless you're applying it properly. NO blue eyeshadow and no green eyeshadow. And no eyeliner all around your eyes or you will look like a raccoon. Don't put mascara or eyeliner on your bottom lashes. It makes your eyes look small.

    Go for warm neutrals.


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  • A few looks:
    1. Black smokey eye
    2. Black eyeliner on top and bottom with black mascara
    3. Light blue eyeshadow.
    4. Light green shadow with a warm brown in the crease of you're eye lid.

    • Thank you so much! I can't wait to try these looks! What about black eyeliner around the entire eye? Would that look good with blue eyes?

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    • Thanks SO much!!! 😍

  • I usually use a combo of green & brown (only a tiny bit of green) or pink & brown.
    I don't use eyeliner but I use brown mascara.


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