Buying a friend a present?

okay so I'm planning on getting one of my friends a present but its not her birthday or anything. The reason why is because she's been having a rough couple of months and I wanted to cheer her up. And I know that one of her favorite things in the whole wide world is Tokie Dokie some kind of Japanese clothing brand. and its gonna be at Comic con next week and I was planning on getting her something from there since she can't go. I was gonna make it a surprise but I'm questioning if I should go through with it or not since of our history together. Because me and her use to date not so long ago and decided to b friends after and I don't want to give her the impression that I'm trying to get back with her or make it awkward if I gave it to her out of know where. So I'm wondering if I should still go through with it or just forget about it.


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  • It really just depends on how much you spend you on her. Friends can give each other presents but you should be really careful what you get her and how much you spend. If I were you I wouldn't spend more than $15 but I wouldn't buy her any clothing. Clothing is such a hard gift to give and it says that you thought a lot about her, which isn't the message you want to convey. Just get her something small and maybe a card to cheer her up. An example of something small could be a CD or funny movie... or maybe some cheaper accessory from the brand she likes.


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