Help from the ladies on shopping quest?

I like to wear a bra but do not wish to wear something that is terribly obvious,, so I wear a 36AA unpadded. Is there anywhere that you can buy really nice bras in my size. Most of mine look like pre teen training bras.


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  • I'm quite a fan of Victoria's secret, though they may be overrated and super expensive... Depends on what kind of bras you like I guess... Sports bras or legit bikini style?

    • I hate sports bras, lol

    • Yeah, me too. But they have their use for us ladies with serious boobage haha. Anyway, other than VS pretty much all majorish department stores have an underwear section with a decent selection of varying brands and sizes.

    • I have tried VS, no bras in my size :( So far Elita has been the best for fit, but not really very feminine

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