New hair style? I need a new hair style badly, but my hair is really thick and I'd like it to be short to medium length?

Can anybody suggest what cut or style to ask for to shape my hair or even suggest a decent hair style that would suit me? My avatar is me so feel free to check it out. I want something current and easy to do in the morning!


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  • Go to YouTube and look up Blumaan. He has a video of how he styles his hair and what he tells his barber. This is my favorite cut on a guy. See how you like it.

    • Thank you very much this is awesome! I'll watch some videos and see what I like. Cheers!

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  • I suggest a faded buz cut... its "no maintenance" instead of "low maintenance"
    I say faded because it is a bit more stylist than a regular buzz cut
    If you keep it short to medium, maintenance may still required. If its buzzed you dont have to do anything.

  • I think it looks good the way it is in your photo :) If you wanna change I'd go for letting it a little bit longer, just a bit, so you can make a "messy" hairstyle out of it (that messy takes some work haha) Like this or other images you can find on google
    But I honestly think you look good with that hairstyle you have now too, it fits you.

    • Thanks I appreciate your help, I don't think I can change it much because I need to do it quickly in the mornings ahaha! Maybe I'll change it slightly, I don't mind it too much the way it is currently.

    • Honestly, I think your hairstyle is fine, no need to change it, unless you feel like it :)

  • Joey Graceffa look

  • Wow your quite hot. Why don't you just make it a bit longer and go for the slightly messy look.

    • Ahaha well thank you very much. I'll take a look into it thank you for your suggestion, it's just not easy to make messy with thick hair.

    • Lol tell me about it. I have thick hair too. It is so difficult to keep a consistent style.

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  • Not a single hair out of place. Justin Bieber? Naw, it's very fresh. Keep it that way, I wish I could.


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