Girls, what does an average guy look like to you?

List down what makes a guy physically average such as facial features, body structure etc. Also, what would be an average personality be to you? is there such thing?

Have you ever found average guys attractive?


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  • Since A hot guy in my eyes would have brown messy hair and brown eyes, a average guy would have blonde hair and blue eyes. Also a average guy wouldn't have too much muscles, but could lift up a 3 seater chair. A average guy is shy and doesn't show off, and has a oval head. Height doesn't matter. Style does. If he wears socks and jandals and shorts, girls will probably pass him by. Some find that attractive though. for me eyes are most important.

    Or you could go on sims, click guy and hit randomize. That shows average guy lookwise.

  • There isn't anything specific that makes an avrage guy an average guy. Average guys are supposed to be average looking & I don't believe that "average" people exist when it comes to appearance-wise..


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