There is this guy who works at my favortie coffee shop....

I've had a crush on him since the moment I saw him, and we make small talk every time I go into the shop.(which is often)...

today I went in and we talked like usual except it felt like the conversation was a little more personal and he revealed that he'd be leaving soon because school was starting... we're still going to be in the same state but the difference between the city he's going to and the one I'm in is about four hours. Now my questions is.. Should I tell him I have a crush on him, get his number and keep in touch...or just let him go and call a loss a loss?


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  • It depends on if you feel like you can put in a four hour drive on a regular occasion.

    Long Distance Relationships have a significantly high fail rate.

    It's not a given that this one will fail, but you have to realize that engaging in this kind of relationships is going to mean a commitment to making that trip, which is wear and tear on your vehicle, more frequent maintenance needs, more gas.

    Even beyond the financial side of this, the distance can put a real strain on each party. Say if one person is going through a tough time in their family, and then trying to keep lines of communication open with a partner who is a long way out, it can get very troubling right away.

    And that trouble can get compounded, because the partner might take what is going on the wrong way, and then a lot of intensive work has to begin by both parties to keep the relationship going.

    If you think you can keep it going, I'd say go for it.

    Just realize there is a lot of things working against these kind of relationships.

  • I'd go for the loss, although what have you really lost? If every fantasy came true we'd die of anxiety attacks before we were 20!


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