Ladies can you describe your definition of a super stud?

How does he behave? What makes him charming and irresistible? Focus on his behavior, his class, his style, and the things he says. Don't elaborate on how he looks other than the clothes he wears, facial hair, and his hair style. What things can he do to lure you and take complete control over you and make you melt?

Is he a knight in shining armor? Is he a sexy construction worker with a deep voice? Is he a comedian? Does he ride a Harley? Does he have tattoos? Does he wear cologne or TAG body spray? Is he an athlete? Is he rich? Does he have long or short hair? Is he always polite or is he a real smart ass?

What does he do that rocks your world? Is he chivalrous? How does he compare to Fabio (I know Fabio is cheesy)?

What is your fantasy of a charming seductive super Casanova who you would absolutely have to go on a few dates with, but not necessarily marry? Don't think about a man who makes husband material. Think about the one elusive sacred man on top of the world who will fulfill your fantasy as the best date that is conceivable. What is your fantasy date with the stud to end all studs?


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  • My ideal guy is cute, nice, dominant in the relationship, smart, and fun to be around. He is built and good looking and tall. He's a complete gentleman, but not at all a pushover. He is confident and isn't afraid to go after what he wants. He takes control in the bedroom without actually hurting me. He is intelligent and has goals in life. He loves having fun and spending time with his friends. He's outgoing and has a good relationship with his family. He's romantic and I can talk to him about anything. He doesn't think he is god's gift to women. He thinks I am completely beautiful when I have no makeup on and I am lounging around in my pjs. He loves to hold me and cuddle. He compliments me. He is trustworthy and faithful. He would never cheat on me.


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  • by super stud do you mean that I reeaaallly like him or that he gets all the ladies?

    • I don't want to say he gets all the ladies, because that can be a turnoff for many girls. One thing is certain; he gets you.

    • Well, he has to be confident and charming. very very very very funny. if he's funny, he has already won me over.

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