Makeup swap for the ladies so that we can have a greater variety?

so ladies I was wondering if you guys would be keen to do a makeup swap internationally because certain brands are not available in certain countries so if you are interested please reply to this or you can pm me:)
  • Yes i am interested to do a makeup swap!
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  • No ill pass thank you :((((
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  • Maybe can i have more info?
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  • There is actually a website where you can sign up and do this. People have ratings so you'll know whether they are trustworthy or not. So it's fairly safer.

    But there are some great sites you can use to buy make up from brands that aren't available in your country. You can also use ebay. You can save on shipping costs like that


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  • How does the makeup swap work by the way? What if a person just withholds their makeup and takes yours by mail, if it's by mail?


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