How do I attract all of these bad boys?

How do I attract all of these bad guys? I'm a generally good girl, and I'm certainly not a slut or anything. I try to be nice to everyone. So how do I get all of these jerks or guys that want to get into my pants after me?


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  • First of all, most guys will try to get in your pants. If you don't want that, your mission is to learn what games/techniques they try on you to get there. Even if you were to be on your way to nun school, there will always be guys trying to get in your pants.

    As to your question of how you attract them---well, you could be giving the wrong impressions. Do you dress to provocatively, or do you joke too much with the guys? A lot of times guys will misinterpret friendliness with the idea that you're interested in them in a sexual way. If all the boys are coming to you trying to get in your pants, then time to go into control mode and maybe is best to tell them, 'by the way, if you're trying to get on my pants, try somebody else cause you won't be getting too far. "

    Honestly though, you need to reassess what is it that you're specifically doing when you interact with guys that is leading them to believe you're open for play.


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  • Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but when you're under 18, the top thing ALL (or 90%) of guys are thinking about is having sex. I'm sure it's nothing against you, and don't take as them thinking you are a slut. Their male hormones are running wild and well girls just happen to be exposed to it. It will get better, trust me.

  • Just don't give it up until you are sure he wants to date you. Generally if he takes you out and spends time with you and you don't sleep with him, if he really likes you, then he will continue to want to hang out with you.

    It might become a challenge for him so that too could keep him interested in you but while you are getting to know each other, you can begin to talk about what you are looking for, like a relationship. Usually a descent guy just looking for sex doesn't really want to hurt you so if you tell him what you are looking for, while you are hanging out, you should get to the bottom of his intentions. Also, most guys who just want to have fun and not a relationship, don't invest much into dates and getting to know you as a person. They lose interest pretty fast when they are looking for sex and you aren't giving it up.

  • Trust me on this one I would not even mind it now see I'm not a slut but I like the bad boyz some time but it depends on the person and how they acted around me and my friends. but it might be that ur to nice see I'm not nice and I'm not mean I'm in the middle