What type of eyebrows would look good on me, considering my hair and brows have different colors?

Hello there!

I paint my hair bright red/orange, pretty similar to this: https://tinyurl.com/khcobmx

It is a bit longer than my shoulders, wavy and has volume.
The thing is, my eyebrows are still my natural color (as I think dying them orange would look weird) and are pretty much ungroomed (except for the ocasional in between plucking to prevent monobrow). They still hold their natural shape, which makes them quite flat and bushy and their natural color, which is black. So beautiful orangy hair and weird black caterpillars over my eyes.

I booked an eyebrow styling for tomorrow, and I want to ask the girl there to just give me more of an angle to the brow, and to make it a bit thinner. But I'm afraid it will look off and then it will take months to cover naturally. My face is quite oval, big forehead.

The question is: what kind of brow shape/size/thickness would suit me? Some images would help a lot!

This are my eyebrows:


Most Helpful Guy

  • You have a really nice color blue for your eyes.

    I would just thin out your eyebrows a little, nothing too too crazy. Give them a little shape too. There are places you can go to where professional can do this, like a salon, right? I don't know I'm not a girl...


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  • I think a neutral brown would be good with just a hint of reddish orange. The arch of your brows could be plucked just a bit for some shape.


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  • Sadly I'm not high enough level on here to post a link to the image but I think you should keep them thicker on the inside and just thin them enough in the middle to create a slight arch. Thicker brows I think suit your eyes and deff stick with black (:


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  • Just get them thinner


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