How to enhance your naturally curly hair (the top)?

So I have naturally curly hair and the longer my hair get the less curl I have at the top. I want my hair long, and to grow longer but I would like to know some ways I could get my curl back at the top. The bottom half of my hair is really curly and I want the top to be like that again. Would any type of curling iron or rollers work for the top part? I use gel but it doesn't work for the top.


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  • Hair's made of protein, so avoid food or drinks like coffee that hamper protein absorption, exercising produces testosterone, which is good for hair growth. I'd stay away from the cosmetics if you want your hair to be natural.


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  • I had the same problem a few years ago, my hair never grew as curly as it used to anymore. You can always curl the top (or even everything) with a curling iron if you want it to look good and even. Don't forget to add hair mousse or hairspray to hold everything in place so you don't end up with wavy hair.. Unless that's the look you're going for.


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  • Use whatever preferred product, I use Amika curl cream shit and anti-humidity hair spray AND sometimes mousse or gel too. The key is to use a diffuser (On an ionic blow dryer) if you want it curly everywhere but it's time consuming.


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