I do not know how to dress my age?

I know its kind of a stupid question but I do not feel like I dress my age. I'm in my 20's and will be finishing my last year in college. Yet most of my wardrobe consists of band t shirts, random design t shirts, single color shirts (black, white or grey), jeans and flannels.

I don't know, I just don't feel like I am not really dressing my age in these kinds of clothes anymore. But I do not know how exactly I should be dressing.

It's not like I'm worry about fashion statements at all either I just dont want to feel like a bum in what I am wearing.


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  • I think the key in dressing your age is really more about the fit of the clothes than the style. Plenty of guys in their twenties still rock band tees and flannel, but look age appropriate and hot in it. You don't need a complete style re-haul just some better fitted and flattering shapes.

    Plain colour shirts are always a good look, well fitted, with a good pair of fitted, dark jeans and some boots - that's never out of style and totally something a twenty something should be rocking.

    • This girl know her stuff. Right on heatherlu. Speakin' the truth.

    • + a trench coat and grey or black pea coat. A leather jacket would be nice too.

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  • I have one semester left and have the same wardrobe as you. I am not worried now, but concern about when I enter the workforce after college. I work better in t-shirts, jeans and no shoes. My only advice is to maybe copy the style of wherever you want to work in the future. So far I have worked in a lab and an IT dept where t-shirts and jeans were the norm (one guy dresses as a pirate).

  • Go to the mall and find out

  • Heather told you right. If the clothes fit you well then you will look fine. Sure you may have to wear more refined clothing for a future job but many men wear t shirts and jeans later in life. I know I do.


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