Does too much bright colors....

Does too much bright colors make it look really bad? I'd like to know, haha not to sound weird haha. But my niece's birthday is coming up and she LOVES neon colors, what she really likes to do is stand out. But I'm not sure if I should get her something so in bright t-shirt, tank top, shorts or skinny jeans, and sun glasses or even the new scarves people wear. Please help! [: Please and Thank you.



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  • It is your neice's choice what she wears. If she loves bright colors, get her something bright. It will be her choice what she wears it with, and she will deal with whatever others say about her. It's part of growing up to learn to deal with peer criticism, but it is not the job of an aunt to make style decisions for her neice (unless the neice is into clothing that is not age appropriate). Get her something she enjoys, and let her express herself stylistically the way she wants.


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  • i dont' mind bright colours... but I tend not to wear them

    i tend to go for something that is more suitable to my attire

    i dont' mind bright coloured sundresses but I absolutely find bright coloured jeans to be horrendous

  • Well if that's what she likes then get if for her. :)

    I love bright colors. Actually, my hair is purple, blonde and red. Well, the red is sorta faded and is now pink. But whatever.