How do you get naturally thick and curly hair to stay soft, and frizz-free all day?

When my hair is wet it gets soft, curly, and bouncy. But, I've noticed that through out the day it starts to frizz almost into an afro. So how can I prevent this?
Any tips or advice, would be greatly appreciated
For type 3b hair


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  • First thing to do is use a moisturizing shampoo one that is sulfate free, sulfates can really damage and dry out your hair I have 2 a hair and it's the same for me because mine is so thin and easily damaged/dried out. But since you have much thicker hair you don't want something that's going to weigh down your hair either. The Loreal Everclean/Evercurl line is a good inexpensive choice.

    When you're styling it or just using something to help hold it in place try and use something as little alcohol as possible, alcohol can really dry out your hair as well. It's also best to do it while it's really wet and use your fingers to pull the product through rather than a brush or comb. Also try not to use a towel as much as possible to dry it... blot dry it if you are using a towel and try not to vigorously rub at your hair the more you ruffle up your hair cuticles the more frizzy your hair will be. If you want to use a hair drier make sure to use a diffuser as well as a heat protectant.

    When getting your hair cut make sure they dry cut rather than wet cut your hair, curly hair retracts when it's wet and so some strands may shorten up while wet misleading your stylist as to it's length in certain places which can lead to an uneven hair cut.

    I hope this all helps (:


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