Girls and there clothes... and dignity?

Girls are loosing there dignity... were leggings.. or short shorts... i dont like that about girls... girls now days think thats called beauty... am under 18.. got me mad when my gf mom called my gf beautiful Only because she had tight jeans on.


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  • This is a tricky subject, girls and their clothes. For example, I don't like shorts more of a dress girl, and that's my personal style. And I'm against wearing things for other peoples approval, when it's not me. That's what's hard about this question, I agree that some girls dress in a particular way because they either want attention or because they think it's cool to do so. I feel bad for them, cause they're not being true to themselves. But at the same time, I am so unbelievably supportive of those girls who are comfortable with their bodies and dress for themselves, so when it's a hot day they wear short shorts.

    At the end of the day, there are so many different girls out there, with different opinions on how they want to dress. It's diversity, and that's awesome! Not everyone feels the way you do about certain style choices, but that's what great, this way you can more easily figure someone out. If they think differently well you can tell by what they're wearing.

    I'll just say that as a pretty conservative girl, it took me a really long time to stop body shaming myself. Covering up because i was objectifying my own body, seeing it as something innately sexualized and therefore something i should keep covered up. Age has taught me that it's not that, and i shouldn't be ashamed of my body. It's this awesome thing that helps me get around and play sports and do all kinds of things. The media does it enough, I'm not going to add to it and make myself feel bad or vulnerable if i wear something short on a hot day. It's my body, it's part of who i am, it's here and it's not going anywhere. That's part of having dignity for me, being honest and 100% myself is worthy of honor and respect.


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  • 1. If you are under 18 why are you listed in 18 to 24 category? :)
    2. Please define dignity :) - according to me and the thesaurus the meaning is 'the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect'
    3. As beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder so does respecting others
    4. If nature intended dignity to be symbolized by what we wear then we'd be born wearing stereotype clothing not naked
    5. In ancient times all of us were naked. While even in Greece one of the early civilizations everyone used to be naked and a man's erection while looking at a woman in public would be considered rude and punishable cause it displays 'HIS intentions'
    6. Hence, the fault lies with the beholder and we take moral pride in restricting people from expressing their freedom of speech, behavior, style, clothing etc by forming a 'majority'
    7. You my friend need to chance the way you think. This is the time for you to do that and be a better person.
    8. The choice of expression, likes & dislikes is yours solely but imposing it on others and judging them is wrong :)

  • Wait... girls are loosing their dignity because they were short shorts and leggings? lol are you kidding this not the 1800's. Dignity has the least to do with what a woman wears and more so about how a woman acts. You have a lot to learn.

    • There are different types of women... am talking about the ones who do it to look good... showing there world everything

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    • Am talking about showing there body.. by using clothing... the one's who dress pretty identical to "sex for money"

    • You have horrible views on women "the one's who dress pretty identical to "sex for money" smh even hookers can dress classy nowadays every woman who dresses sexy is not a sex object. You need to get a grip of yourself. Women that dress sexy are confident and if you look at every woman that dresses like sex for money, then that means there are a whole lot of of women that look like hookers. Like I said this is not the 1800's women can dress provocatively without a negative stigma to it in the 21 st century. Clothes are nothing but freedom of expression you should never judge a person by what they wear.

  • I wear cargo pants and T-shirts six days a week, but if I were to act like a complete harlot all the time I wouldn't have dignity despite my attire.

  • Should we wear a burkha then? Shorts and leggins can be good if they are used properly.

    • Lol... i would try it... but i need her mouth though

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    • Any that isn't showing her butt in away that will have thusty's all over that

    • Wow, you sound like the jealous type. And that your from 1800 century. If a girl weats tight pants she has dignity. She isn't showing her vagina or breasts, tight jeans are fashionable. Also she understands her value, she knows she looks beautiful and wears what she wants, that means she has dignity

  • Clothing has nothing to do with dignity. If I like a dress that covers every inch of my body, i'll wear it. If I like a belly shirt, i'll wear that too. It's not for men, as if i'd give a crap what they say. I dress however I want for me. It has nothing to do with me being easy as I in fact plan to wait until i'm married. I dress in a way that's empowering. A lot of girls however do let other influence what they wear, and it is them who need to change.

  • Well aren't guy losing their dignity when they chase girls who are wearing exactly what you just said?
    It goes both ways. If it's so bad, then it's also bad to be chasing those girls, and I'm kinda sure that the majority of guys are not complaining about short shorts and leggings.
    Personally I don't wear short shorts and the like, but that's just my choice. A girl who wears it, it doesn't mean she's got no dignity or she's got low morals or anything like that. I know virgins and girls who wear way less than me, and I know girls who sleep around and don't mind who knows who wear more than me.

  • your question doesn't really make sense...
    i would like to help you and answer it if you can reword it a bit better..

  • Blame the media and society for accepting it i hate it as much as you do.


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