How to look good in a black shirt and black jeans?

Too much black? I know some people can really look good in the all-black style but I'm not sure how to.
Do you suggest I just don't wear all black? I'm Asian if that helps. :)


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  • Now I agree with Tears and dude those were some really good points. Thoughtful. However I believe any look can be considered a look. And all black is right up at the top of the classics. You're Asian, so chances are super high that you have dark chestnut or black natural hair yes? And if so black (all black) is always going to be winner for you. Your hair will coordinate with your outfit and your skin tone will pop accenting the whole package.

    • wow! thank u so much, I'm getting reeeaally good answers here, from both u and the other guy

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  • Add a pop or color or two with your accessories, maybe a colorful bow in your hair or some colored bangles or necklaces maybe matched to your eye makeup if any. Some people can look good in anything but I think too much of a single color is never good.

    • ya that's what I thought too but now I wanna change up my style a little, know what I mean? thanks a lot, that really helps :)

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