How do feel about jealous producers and musician and just jealous people?

I notice this a lot when so called "skilled" producers see me in a magazine or see me being successful then they get angry tell me I suck. I admit that I have a huge advantage over genius producers , I have a better looks and swag and also have better personality and body. I'm in good physical shape and that magazine take notice of me because good poster boy. I also better connections.
I could be a model too so agency see's me they can tell I have 2 thing going for me, the talent and the image.

why so much jealousy on producers with extra advantages?


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  • You are probably more arrogant than they are jealous.

    • nope not really , I have agent getting XXL and to majors so do have connections.

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  • Oh SHIT.

    The fuckin' LEGEND.

    • and your still hear to complain. well made my investment so going see the revolts. a few 50k jobs are on table now that world is

    • so had a interview recently with new magazine and have music being used in realty and I'm doing XXL. I've interviewed for 50k jobs as well submitted artist so think legacy is growing.

    • now think have my legacy planed out. see who follows me twitter. Def jam, island music, and much more.

  • soundcloud? what type of music.

    • you'll most likely hate it , its only for people that appreciated the experimental stuff.

    • cryptex. I hear some experimental. actually you sound like skrillex

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  • Because you are the bomb.
    Welcome back Hotstudlovercupcake.


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