How much do you rate me for my looks between 1-10?

How much do you rate me for my looks between 1-10.


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  • I would give you a 7 but that only applies to this picture. In another picture, you could be something higher. Here is why: you have been blessed with beautiful genes. Your facial structure is attractive and you do not appear to be very chubby. However, the hat covers the hair, and for some reason, seeing the hair is more attractive.

    Also, you happen to be in casual clothes in this picture, so your clothing choice isn't really adding or subtracting any points. Clothing that would subtract points are clothing that are sloppy, too big, and don't fit right. Clothing that earns points is clothing that is professional looking and neat. Idk, men in suits are just sexy. They just are.

    Also, I know I can't smell you, but if you smelt good, that adds a lot. Girls have sensitive noses. They like a man that smells like a man. Just make sure they arne't drowning in cologne.

    • K thanks anyway :)

    • Did I disappoint you? D: I can be hard to satisfy xD

    • Haha no prob :) I will upload a better pic of mine.:) but. Anyway I thank you for your honest opinion :)

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  • How much do you rate me for my looks between 1-10?
    4 maybe a 3 since you seem overweight/chunky.

  • 7 ish it would be better but your eyes are like closed

  • 4.

    filler filler filler


What Guys Said 2

  • 6... open your eyes and pull a fake smile like i do all the time.

  • you have that relaxed look on your face after taking the biggest dump ever.


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