What should I wear? I can't find anything that look good on me?

What actually in trend I'm 26 :( I'm so old to wear shorts? I feel unvomfortsble wearing that on public but feel if I don't dress in trend guys won't like me :( either I dress like old woman I hate it I don't know go outside at all because I have social anxiety so Idont know what's in trend or where to get it eveything looks bad on me Idont know how to find my style everytime I buy somethin look bad on me trend or no trend but Idont know what else to wear I don't wanto wasted more money on clothes that look bad on me them end up in my clothes my mom say I have clothes but I rally don't eveything look bad on me what should I have in mind when I but something


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  • Hey honey, just wear what you want. Live in comfort, not to impress others. Guys like women with good figures anyways, who cares what they wear.


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  • Do what I want and do not have the balls to do... GO NUDE lmao...


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