Are the boys uniform warmer than the girls uniform?

Just curious I live in a country where it's practically summer all the time and we wear school uniforms.

The guys wear pants, a shirt, polo then a vest depending on occasion and the girls wear knee length skirts & a blouse.

Once in a while I notice the girls don't sweat that much in fact they seem rather happy smiling all the time.

I don't really know what it feels like to wear a skirt so I guess I'm asking that too What does it feel like to wear a skirt?

Cause I'm not sure how that compares to our uniform
and 'm not sure what they're feeling in the heat.

Anyway this is an odd question but I'd be glad to hear your thoughts.


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  • Guys sweat more than girls normally. But yeah skirts are way cooler than pants.
    I had to wear a uniform for school too. 12 years of that...

    • Really guys sweat more than girls? And what was ur uniform back then?

    • Well from kindergarten to 6th grade I was in public school. So the uniform was blue skirt knee length and white button up blouse. Black shoes and blue socks. Oh and 6th graders had to wear a tie too. Boys and girls.

      From 7th grade to 11th grade I went to private school. So polo white shirt, plad green knee length skirt, green socks black shoes.

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  • Well, at least in a pants you'll be able to do handstands.


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  • Well it get really cold here in the Winter and the girls were only allowed to wear dresses and stockings, the clear one's. We always got cold and even some teeth rattled. The boys were way more lucky in summer they were grey shorts and winters long gray pants


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