Reddish/Auburn or Ombré of dark brown to blond tips?

I'm a brunette with medium hair and I want a new look. I have been dying my hair rather reddish for the past 3 years. But also chocolate brown looks good on me as I tried it once. I like this ombré thing and I'm not sure what to do.
Girls what do you prefer?
and guys what do you think looks prettier on girls?


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  • well have you considered black? and I mean like pure Asian black. the really really dark kind? some girls look sooooooo noice with that color.

    • That's my natural hair color actually haha It does look good on almost everybody but I just want some change.

    • ooooh. you're already natural black. hahaa nvm then. maybe honey blonde? but I don't know if you can dye that, I mean im sure you can but it looks so good on girls that are natural honey blonde color.

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  • Definitely Ombre if you ask me I think it looks really good (:


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