I have no idea what to wear. Help?

So I am Gujrati-Indian but I live in England and I'm a British citizen. I was born here and whatever. So me and my family are going to go to India on holiday soon. I'm not sure what to wear. Here, I wear sleeveless tops, dresses, leggings, belly tops. The belly tops aren't too short. In India I know that a lot of the men are pervs no offence. What can I wear that is appropriate that will not get me stared at. And also the clothes need to be summer clothes. Before you ask me, NO. I will not wear Indian clothes. I find them itchy and uncomfortable


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  • Just wear pants and sleeved shirts. If you are going to a rural place, better get hold of a kameez shalwaar... Well I guess you Indians prefer pajamas as to shalwaar. If you can take advice from an old fashioned like me, get hold of a chaadar or dupatta too just to cover your top a little. Have a safe trip.

    • :) Thanks. I guess GAG was pestering you with those emails to select a MH.

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