Why do they say that long hair makes long faces look bad?

I think it looks fine.

example: link

What is your opinion?


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  • I don't see anything wrong with long hair. Actually I prefer it most of the time. Most actresses keep their hair long too so I'm guessing a lot of people agree with me. Who's "they?"

    • The "they" is so called "beauty experts" I guess. lol

    • Well I'm no beauty expert but I am a guy. I'd like to think I knoe the average guys preference. I guess short hair frames the face well but long hait can be styled to do this to an extent as well.

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  • i like all kinds of hair, as I change my hair constnatly, as logn as it suits you. in this case, I think it looks fine. maybe they mean FLAT long hair and long face. then it looks weird. depending on teh person though.

  • It does not especially with the example in the pic, it looks perfectly fine. I prefer long hair also on a girl.


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