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OKAY I go To an all girls school and I have to wear this really long uniform and tie my hair all up and it makes me feel really shapeless and like a lot of other girls look better then me in uniform and I look super nerdy in uniform so I am like really insercure and I don't know what to do and I always feel ugly and I get over conscious of my good and bad side so i want opinions fr others although my friends aren't people that sugar coat I still fell insercure about it Thanks !!
And please if don't judge me coz I'm Asian XDDD


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  • =/ honey if ur not trying to impress anyone at school why do u care?
    u think those girls in short tight skirts and their hair out actually look good? they look like sluts who dont value education…. then when y'all grow up they'll b out clubbing while ur in meetings rollin in dat cash.

    point is, maybe try some new hairstyles, try minimal makeup, maybe get ur uniform shortened a little bit, but by no means do u need to transform urself to compete with other girls. forget em.

    • Ummmmm we aren't allowed to wear makeup XDDD sad life

    • @bert: thank you!
      @asker: thats ok! there r plenty of ways to look good:) what u need to do is love urself and remember that its JUST school. i bet heaps of girls secretly wish they'd look like u=] be proud of the way u look and dw bout anyone else. its not a beauty pageant=]

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  • ha ha ha ha I actually am all grins and laughter as I read your question along ha ha ha (don't please get me wrong, I'm not patronizing you - just that you must be close to my daughter's age & it makes me filter it through the way she thinks too lol)

    I go with what @yaddayaddayadda02 says on this wholly :)

    You are an adorable little beautiful girl with awesome features - very beautiful and I'm sure you carry off everything you wear no matter what :)


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  • Every girl you are comparing yourself to is also comparing themselves to you based on their insecurities. This is a mental game you need to beat.

  • I don't think you need to worry :) I mean, yeah that sucks but if every other girl wears that at the school, then it will make no difference, you won't be the only one at least :D I'm sure it will have some perks to it :P Some of my friends who had that kind of stereotypical big school uniform had ones what were really big and thick, and made their boobs look big...

    But at least you won't have to wear it all the time :) and then if you meet a guy at the weekend or something and he's used to seeing you in the school uniform, imagine how awesome you'll look in your own clothes xP


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