Hair products for curly haired girls?

I have super thick curly hair and i want to start wearing it natural. I'm black by the way so i need some seriously good products.
any suggestions? what works best for your curls?


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  • Honestly, everybody has different products that work for them. What I use, does nothing for my sister and vice versa.
    I use an olive oil moisturiser by ors, and also their leave in conditioner.
    I don't use gel often, but when I do I use any random wet look gel or eco styler for my edges. I've tried edge control by ors to, and it's decent.

    You'll need to find what works for your hair, but just get your basic tool kit to start with- conditioner, shampoo, moisturiser and a leave in.
    A good rule of thumb for moisturisers, is make sure water is the first ingredient.
    Not sure if you know of Co washing, but I can't recommend it enough! Seriously amazing.
    It's basically washing hair with conditioner. Now some people never use shampoo again. Personally, I always Co wash and I use shampoo when I need it.
    Once you get your moisture and protein balance down, and your hair is in good condition, you'll hardly even need to use that many products.
    I can style my hair with a leave in or a moisturiser and it stays ok all day.

    Sorry, long answer, I just love natural hair.


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