How are thongs even considered underwear?

i mean, they don't even cover your butt at all... like isn't the point of wearing "underwear" to cover up those areas and like keep them clean... i know it covers in the front but like i just find it really weird for underwear to leave your whole butt exposed - am i wrong?


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  • Thongs are definitely not for everyone. I wear thongs and before I did I used to think isn't it uncomfortable to have a piece of fabric up your bum all day?", and even when I did start wearing thongs at age 15 it took about a year for me to get used to the feeling. I've never had a sanitary issue. I mean, if you already have a problem with personal hygiene, then that's a whole different issue. But thongs can really boost yourself esteem and make you feel sexy. Even if you have a flat bum, they can make your butt amazing. Not too mention that they eliminate the issue of panty lines, which is the primary reason why thongs were created. But if you don't like the idea of wearing a thong, don't wear them! :) at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what kind if undergarments you wear, if you wear any.


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  • The point of underwear isn't to keep you warm - male or female. It's to keep your genitals from touching your pants so you don't have to wash them every day.

    The point of thongs in particular is to avoid panty lines and to look good naked.


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  • Under- wear
    If you break the word down... it's something you wear under your clothes.
    So whether it's a piece of string or not... it still qualifies as underwear because
    it isn't going over the clothing.

  • I think they are incredibly sexy


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