People who have a micro dermal piercing as replacement of a belly button piercing?

I had a belly buttonpiercing two times already, both times things didn't go well and it grew out. I got to admit, the first time it went wrong because it was badly pierced. Then I went to another shop for the second one and it was fine though it grew out after a few months. Now I want it back. Though I'm afraid it'll go wrong a third time and it'll grow out within a few months. So I was wondering if I would try it again a third time (I asked the piercer and she said she would try a third time), or if I'd go for an inverse or a micro dermal...
Any thoughts and/or experiences?
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  • Inverse
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  • Micro dermal
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  • What the heck am I even doing here?
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  • Now that's one hell of a specific question. I guess people just talk about sex on Gag.

    • Haha, apparently... Oh well, I tried ^^

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    • I think it's pretty, that's probably the reason why most people who have one decided to get one :)

    • I guess it would look really nice on you.

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