The question is for you guys?

Well, I have really small breasts, but like really small and for I really like some vintage underwear, especially bra's. How would you react about it. Would you think it's fine, doesn't matter or really grandma style. I really find them pretty


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  • ahhhhh its a good question!

    Yes and no... it all depends on how the girl/lady presents herself. If its brazen and confident it will make a big difference!

    Its nice to have something to hold onto but at the same time we realise that they sag over time and with small breasts its a bonus cos they won't sag!

    I guess its all in the presentation. But still confused as to what you mean by vintage...

    • Check the profile pic

    • Your breasts are great, but the vintage look is only good in pictures, black and white.
      Don't stress about it until you get sexually involved with someone on a regular basis, as most guys won't care but over time we want to see something new.
      Hope this answers your question.

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  • Hi transelr. If u have small breasts then its not your fault it is the gift of the god. And the girls who have big breasts will face back problems. And if you wear vintage undies why would any one show objection. if a guy who really loves you these little things in life will not mean to him.

  • Do you have some pictures of examples of what you're talking about? When I think "Grandma style" that's usually a problem for girls with huge boobs.

    • The thing is that I can't post any pictures or links is my Xper Level is 1 :/ I'll put it as a profile pic for a while

    • Got it. The way around that is to use spaces in the address. Like this:
      www. goo gle. c o m

      But anyway, I get the idea from your profile pic. Looks totally fine, though I guess you tend to see that style more with the big-boobed girls for some reason.

  • How do you mean, "vintage"?

  • Small breast are not good :/ and your style is really bad. You can try more sexy underwears


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