He doesn't look as happy in pictures with me, does that really mean something?

I've just recently noticed, my boyfriend, in a lot of pictures with his friends he looks really happy, and like smiles showing his teeth and stuff. In pictures with me...he never does that, or looks as happy as he does in the other pictures. He tells me that the pictures with his friends is a fake smile, but I am a very observant person, and to me the smiles in our pictures look fake. He looks nowhere near as happy...that makes me wonder, is he really that happy with me at all? He tells me no one in this world makes him as happy as I do...it's a silly thing to think over, but I'm thinking maybe how he is in the pictures says something?


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  • Maybe he's trying a little to hard to look perfect in his pictures with you, and it comes off looking a little fake? I do that too sometimes.

  • he might just be stressed. he might be busy thinking about other stuff. talk to him about it