Do guys like a little change?

I know guys like longer hair, and I know they like it because it is more feminine and sexy. My hair is cut in layers and overall it is mainly on my shoulders, but my longest layer is a little past my shoulders and my shortest is a little above. But I was just wondering. Since every other girl has long hair, do guys like to see a girl that has shorter hair? I mean I am not into the bob or the real short girl hair because that is to boyish for me, but I mean you know my hair I just described it.

So in case you missed it here is my question again: since every other girl has long hair, do guys like to see a girl that has shorter hair (i.e. shoulder length).


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  • Definitely. Ever changing hairstyles is part of the fun of a woman and having a different style will help set you apart.

    • I think there has to be a happy medium in between, but keep it below the shoulders.

    • That's true too - hair can be shortened to the extent of making a visual change without having to be short.

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  • I do, I don't like hair that is mostly over the shoulder, it looks like a flat heavy curtain.

    As a bonus, a little shorter hair, say just above the shoulders, cut in layers, flows in the wind, and is super intoxicating - I recommend you shorten it up just a bit - especially if your planning on being seen walking around outside during the spring and summer.

  • I prefer long hair on a woman, exactly as you have described. It's more feminine.

    While they may have "long hair" men don't generally view hair the same way you do.

    For men, hair normally falls into quanta more than specifics.

    Long, really long, short, really short.

    Having layers will set you apart already.

    I tend to dislike constantly changing hair styles, you are who you are. Not who your hair tells people you are.


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